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TruNatomy Rotary Canal File - Sequence

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Introducing TruNatomy™, the latest creation of Dentsply Sirona that is part of a long tradition of successful endodontic treatment solution. This tradition includes well-known brands such as ProTaper® and WaveOne®, which are known and trusted worldwide for their reliability and performance.
The new TruNatomy™ solution offers:
• Soft feeling during preparation
• Improved performance and effectiveness 1
• More space for debridement and debris removal 1
• Respect for natural tooth anatomy
• Protecting the tooth structure

Endodontic Access
Successful root canal treatment begins with adequate access to the pulp chamber. The ideal procedure provides access to the root canal origin with minimal dentin loss.

Resting dentin provides a critical foundation for a quality restoration following root canal treatment. The more dentin is preserved during an endodontic treatment, the more options there will be for making a successful and durable restoration 1 .

Therefore, Conservative Endodontic Cavity (CEC) with the TruNatomy™ system is recommended.


TruNatomy Ori fi ce Modifier adapts the ori fi ce shape to create the ideal entry
Point to TruNatomy Glider and TruNatomy Shaping files. This
The file flexibility can preserve the coronal anatomy due to its diameter and heat-treated NiTi alloy. It is also ideal for situations where the canal is not oriented vertically as it can enter the tooth from different angles. TruNatomy Ori fi ce Modi fi er base recommended TruNatomy array.

The effectiveness of root canal preparation increases significantly when an effective, repeatable glide path is established.

TruNatomy Glider optimizes the glide path and provides a seamless transition between K-Files and TruNatomy Shaping Files. TruNatomy Wing operates at a higher speed for less torque efficiency short cut top. With only 2 cutting edges, it encounters less resistance and therefore exerts less pressure, providing greater ease of use and precision. Heat treatment provides greater flexibility with improved fatigue resistance.
TruNatomy Shaping Files are available in three different sizes and lengths to treat a wide variety of cases. While the TruNatomy Prime contouring file is suitable in most cases, there are two additional contouring files, TruNatomy Small and TruNatomy Medium, to handle both smaller and larger channels. The clinician will experience fluid migration between TruNatomy™ Contour Files.

TruNatomy™ offers superior productivity
All three shaping files offer a slim shape combined with a unique cross-section for better performance, while also providing more room for a complete debridement.

Thin NiTi wire design: 0.8mm Maximum Flute Diameter (MFD) instead of 1.2mm for most. general variable conical files.
Off-centre section.
It runs at a higher speed for greater efficiency with less torque.
TruNatomy™ improves patient safety
TruNatomy files provide enhanced security as the risk of breakage is reduced due to their greater flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue. one

TruNatomy™ saves you time
TruNatomy is an intuitive, straightforward and easy-to-learn endo solution. 2nd
It also provides more time for watering, as it requires less shaping time.

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