Endodontic Contra-angle
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Sironiti Apex Endodontic Contra-angle 115:1

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SIRONiTi APEX and SIRONiTi Air⁺ APEX. Security is as valuable as gold..

Don't want to use any additional desktop devices while rooting them? With the SIRONiTi APEX and SIRONiTi Air+ APEX for connection to an apex locator, you will always have the right equipment.

Both are equipped with a torque limiting function: when the set torque is reached, the gold-plated magnetic coupling prevents the file from getting stuck in the root canal due to retro-rotation. SIRONiTi APEX and SIRONiTi Air⁺ APEX – perfect for endodontics.

  • Standard for all NiTi canal file systems with Ø 2.35 mm
    Files do not get stuck in root canals
    Torque levels can be easily adjusted
    For electric or air motors

Improved safety for root canal treatments

Once the set torque is reached, the unique retrorotation feature gradually releases the connection, preventing the file from getting stuck in the root canal. This system provides security for root canal treatments – treatment will be even safer when insulating sheaths are used.

Easy to use and versatile

The contra-angle handpiece allows you to position the apex even more conveniently: Thanks to the gold clip, many electronic apex locators can be connected directly without using a file clamp.
With a reduction ratio of 115:1, SIRONiTi APEX is ideal for electric motor. With 66:1 ratio, SIRONiTi Air+ APEX is suitable for air motor


Overview of technical data.

Recommended use depending on the file system SIRONiTi APEX SIRONiTi Air+ APEX
Electrical Engine
Air motor -
Technical Data SIRONiTi APEX SIRONiTi Air+ APEX
Reduction 115 : 1 66 : 1
Max. Working Speed 350 rpm 600 rpm
Rotation 360° 360°
Tong System Push-button Push-button
Equipment 2.35 RA 2.35 RA
Torque stages 5 5
NiTi files All standard clamps
All standard clamps
Sterilization in autoclave up to 134°C up to 134°C
Types Description / Equipment REF
SIRONiTi Air+ APEX Allow an air motor or higher
an electric motor with a given speed range
for connection to file systems
63 24 615
SIRONiTi APEX Gold clip for attachment to an apex locator
Root canal preparation without an apex locator
for gold clipless
61 74 234
Clip Ø 2 mm
For example for the following:
ProPex and ProPex II – Dentsply
Raypex 4 and Raypex 5 – VDW
Root ZX – Morita
Apex Pointer – MicroMega
Mini apex locator – Sybron Endo
61 73 681
Klips Ø 2 mm
eg. ApexMaster – for EMS 61 73 699
Insulation sheath Insulation sleeve for endo (5 pieces) 63 24 631

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