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S6000 Color Intraoral Scanner + 3D Dental Printer

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Fussen S6000 Color Intraoral Scanner


-Portable design: small volume, easy to install and store.

-Color scan: reflect the actual state of the mouth.

-Dust-free discovery: reduces the difficulty and complexity of clinical practice. Enhance the patient's comfort experience.

-High resolution 3D scanning: shortens clinical operation time and improves efficiency. Real-time display of scan data, dentist can diagnose and analyze data -

Small scanning head: covers all areas of the mouth. It can be disassembled and disinfected, easy to replace and use.

Infection control: The scanner tip can be sterilized at high temperatures or disinfected by immersion.

-High sensitivity and fast: The highest scanning sensitivity up to 25μm, can meet clinical needs. Full arches and occlusion scan ≤ 5 minutes.

-Wide Depth of Field: 15mm wide depth of field for multi-angle scanning.

-Built-in heater anti-fogging function: Provides comprehensive protection for one-time data collection.

-Ergonomic Design: Pen-style compact, simplified shape design is more comfortable.

-Data format open: export STL format without encryption and compatible CAD design of the software. Data can be transferred from the cloud to the machining center and also exported in other ways.

-Clinical indication: a wide range of clinical indications, most of them are used for restoration, implant, orthodontics, etc. can be applied for.

Features Product

Form: Portable Intraoral Scanner

Sensor: High Speed ​​CMOS

Insertion Technology: Auto Accur-3D

Scanner Type: Power

Color Scan Without Scan : 3D Video

Scan Speed: Full Arcs and Occlusion 5 minutes

Scanner Accuracy: 25 μm

Tip dimensions: 18.5 mm (height) x 19 mm (width)

Depth of field: 15mm

Anti-fog technology: Automatic heating

Infection control: autoclavable / cold sterile

Scanner file output: STL , PLY

Cable: 2m

Digital connection: USB 3.0

Scanner dimensions: 237.33mm (L) x 40.39mm (width) x 56.85mm (height)

Weight: 350g

 3D Dental Printer

With the Anycubic Mono X large print area, resin-based SLA 3D Printer, you can print your three-dimensional models that require fine detail and high surface resolution. It can be used for advanced prototyping in the fields of medical, dental and jewellery. Alias ​​resins can be used with Mono X.

Anycubic Photon Mono X Technical Specifications

Print Technology: LCD Based SLA

Print Volume: 192 x 120 x 245 mm

Printing Material: 405 nm UV Resin

Light Source: Wavelength 405nm

Lighting: Matrix

XY Resolution: 0.050mm 3840*2400

Z Axis Resolution: 0.01mm

Layer Resolution: 0.01 - 0.15mm

Print Speed: MAX. 60mm/hr

Power: 120W

Printer Size: 227 x 222 x 383 mm

Net Weight: ~ 10.75kg

Display: 3.5 inch Touch Screen

    Connection: USB 
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