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Pattern Resin LS Modelling Resin Kit

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Self-curing. For modelling telescopic and conical crowns, individual attachments, implant-supported superstructures, implant transfer templates, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. Is also used for partial dentures and in electroplating. Easy to apply with the brush technique. Burns residue-free. Medical device Class IIa.
  • Minimal shrinkage for high-precision modelling and optimal fit of the cast objects;
  • High mechanical strength and stability, also for thin layer thicknesses.
Physical data:
    Processing time 2-3 min; setting time 4 min; flexural strength 63 MPa; polymerisation shrinkage 0.36 % after 30 min and 0.37 % after 24 h.
Delivery includes:
    100 g powder; 105 ml liquid; 2 mixing bowls; 1 pipette and 1 brush.

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