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Fgm Opus BulkFill Flow Posterior Composite

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Fgm Opus BulkFill Flow Posterior Composite

Flowable light-cured composite resin with low shrinkage stress.

Opus Bulk Fill Flow is a low-viscosity, light-curing composite (flowable) recommended for the foundation and lining of restorations on posterior teeth. Low curing stress is associated with a high depth of cure – due to the transparency of the composite – allowing Opus Bulk Fill Flow to continue in increments of up to 4 mm, thus minimizing time for building large restorations. With about 68% of fillers, the composite shows sufficient mechanical strength to be used directly under restorations. The most superficial layer of the restoration (at least 2 mm thick) should be made with conventional methacrylate-based composite resins such as Opallis (FGM), Llis (FGM), Opus Bulk Fill Condensable (FGM). This layer gives the restoration higher mechanical strength, wear resistance, form and aesthetics.
• 1 syringe with 2g
• 10 applicator tips
• Instructions for use
 Features Advantages;
• Allows increments up to 4 mm deep.
• Excellent consistency.
• Self-leveling, which allows the material to be perfectly adapted to the wall of the cavity.
• Anti-gravity effect - perfect for superior teeth.
• Low shrinkage stress.
• Practical and fast in one step.
• Greater opacity = better aesthetics.
• Available in 3 colors (A1, A2, A3).
• Class I and II restoration foundation.
• Primer directly under restorative materials.
• Arrangement / planning of the prepared walls of the cavity.
• Repair of minor enamel defects.
• Repair of temporary materials in acrylic and resin.

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