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Endo Radar Reciprocal Endomotor and Apex Finder

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Woodpecker - Endo Radar Reciprocal Endomotor and Apex Finder - Endodontic Motor

The Woodpecker Endoradar is an endomotor with a built-in apex locator that saves space and time when performing root canal treatment. Endomotor and apex locating functions can be used separately or in combination with just the push of a button. This device is a great convenience for your endodontic practice as it eliminates the need for separate devices for working length determination and root canal shaping.
Although the EndoRadar's handpiece has wireless technology, it also has a USB port as a precaution.
The handset also features a smart wireless charging mode that does not require the use of an adapter.

The Woodpecker Endo Radar is an endodontic device with 3 functions:
 - Endo Motor
 - Apex Finder
 - Endo Motor with Integrated Apex Positioner
 Many other special features of Endo Radar:
- Endo motor with wireless battery charging
 - On/Off button for easy one-handed operation
- Ready-made programs for all popular file systems and new programs that can be added
- Psychoanalysis mode with programmable right angle control.
 - Controls motor output torque with enhanced sensitivity and feedback technology to protect root and canal.

Endomotor Mode:
Endomotor Mod has 3 mutual features and 8 free programs for custom settings. There are three auto reverse modes that can be switched cyclically by pressing the "AUTO REV" button. The operator can choose between three opposing angles when using the reciprocating mode. Speed ​​and torque can be adjusted at operator's preference and settings can be saved by clicking the "MEMO" button. The accuracy and speed of the reversing mode reduces the risk of instrument separation during biomechanical preparation.
Apex Locator Mode:
Apex Locator Mode can be used individually by clicking the "En-Ap" button. After the file clip, gauge wires and lip hooks are installed, the standard protocol can be followed using a K file to accurately measure the working length of the root canal.
Combined Mode:
By pressing the "En-Ap" button, the operator can choose to enter dual mode including both endomotor and apex locator.
Long pressing the "SET" button allows the operator to change the parameter settings of the dual mode and exit by pressing the same button.
The four corner locator components are installed and the handset is connected via USB cable.
Proper circuit contact can be tested by short-circuiting the lip hook with the NiTi rotary file attached.
During channel preparation, the vertex finder shows the location of the file inside the channel in real time.
Package Included:
- Main unit (Apex Locator, Main Controller, Display unit)
- 1: 1 Contra angle
- Calibration device
- File clip x4
- Lip hook x2
- Touch probe x2

Full Touch Button
Compatible mutual function
Mini 1: 1 Contra-angle handpiece
Torque range 0.6-4.0 Ncm
Rev ranges 200-650 rpm
8 sets of memory programs
Endomotor with peak marker

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