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Drm Kavo Model Lighted Aerator + Kapling

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Product Information
  • Drm Kavo Model Lighted Aerator + Kapling

  • 6 Months Warranty

  • 1 Pcs Adapter Gift SMD-LED Beside Smd-led Technology high-quality optical fiber lighting, the use of imported materials, independent research and development of the lighting system, high temperature and high pressure repeated disinfection, compared with white burning lamp LED lights, halogen lamp can withstand more stable , longer service life
    Unique chip design and smd-led technology to completely solve the light mobile phone Deng and stroboscopic industry problems, through the laboratory data show, the smd-led technology SMD lamp can be sterilized 1200 times, can continue to work for 1000 hours of lighting
    Equipped with independent research and "auto-locking compression spindle core" development Built-in precision miniature spring, mobile phone high-speed rotation, micro-spring on the clamping force to apply the boot, so that the needle more firmly, the needles do not fly, to ensure the use of the operation
    Germany's conveying speed is stable, so that the mobile phone vibration minimization coefficient, so that the diagnosis and treatment of teeth achieve a smooth and smooth effect
    Three-point water injection mode for cooling, ultra-precise water injection ensures the best cooling effect
    The sanitary head system is built inside the turbine heads to effectively prevent the pressure change caused by the stop working to cause blood, virus and other foreign bodies to enter the phone through the nose.
    A nose, no more falling off, no need for solder joint, impurities easy to comb, not easy to block rust water, reduce problems such as poor atomization.


    Note. This product is produced by Jinme on behalf of dentrealmarket under the name DRM
    Jinme are Trademarks of Apple Dental G.J.Co.Ltd.

    Rotation speed

    300krpm - 350krpm

    noise, sound ≤60dB
    Air pressure

    0.28Mpa - 0.30Mpa

    Power 22W
    Connection type 6 hole LED coupling
    LED fiber optic
    LED brightness 15000 Lux Color temperature 5500 (k) - 6000 (K)
    water spray triple water spray
    chuck type
    Press the button
    Sterilization Can be sterilized at 135℃


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