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Clean 25 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

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Product Information
Clean 25 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
Ultrasonic Cleaner is a high efficiency cleaner developed specifically for cleaning surgical instruments. Ultrasonic Cleaner is a fast and effective way to clean laboratory tools: Ultrasonic waves pump micron-sized bubbles into the water. These bubbles fit in tight spaces that would be impossible to clean using conventional methods. When the bubbles burst, water hits the tool at speeds of up to 250 mph.

The digital control panel simplifies operations. Cleaning cycles are preset and optimized for the most efficient cleaning of your surgical instruments.

  • Effective cleaning with heat option
    High capacity extended tank
    Quiet operation*
    small footprint
    Effective cleaning with heat option


Ultrasonic Cleaner uses a powerful generator to generate ultrasonic waves to provide effective cleaning action in most cases. When heavy bioburden or oily residue is found, the cleaning power can be increased with the heating feature that heats the water up to 65ºC.

High capacity extended tank
The elongated tank accommodates long surgical instruments or other laboratory equipment that may not easily fit in small desktop ultrasonic cleaners.

Quiet operation*

The Ultrasonic Cleaner will work quietly in the lab without disrupting work. Tank has a cover to reduce noise; The viewing window allows the user to monitor the progress.
This compact cleaner takes up very little space on the counter for convenient storage. Its light weight makes it easy to move to a different location or storage area when the counter space needs cleaning.

* Warning: Ultrasonic sound waves emitted by this cleaner may disturb laboratory animals..
Voltage Rating & Frequency AC200-240V-50/60 Hz
Power consumption AC200-240V-160W
Ultrasonic Frequency 42.000 Hz
Tank Material Stainless Steel SUS304
Plastic Housing Material ABS 757
Tank Size 25 x150x80 mm; 9,84 Lx5.90 x3.15 H içinde.
Tank Capacity 2500 ml (5,29 pt) (MAX-) 2100

ml 4,44 pt (MIN-) 600 ml 1,27 pt
Accessories plastic tray; power cord
5-Cycle Digital Timer 15 m 20 m 25 m 30 m 10 m
Net weight 2,5 kg
Guarantee Year

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