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AF R3 Gold File Reciproc - Niti Rotary Root File

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Product Information

AF™-L Wire is produced with flexible wire technology. It is suitable for more aggressive use.
It has a #6 angle single file system with reciprocal movement.
It provides maximum performance with 150 degrees counterclockwise and 30 degrees clockwise adjustment.
It has the feature of increasing file flexibility while maintaining cutting efficiency.
It is more resistant to cyclic fatigue due to its cross-sectional feature.
All AF GOLD Resiproc R3 files have «S» sections.
25mm length and #6 angle system.

AF GOLD RESIPROC R3, #20/06, Single Size, 25mm, 3pcs/pk (Yellow)
AF GOLD RESIPROC R3, #25/06, Single Size, 25mm, 3pcs/pk (Red)
AF GOLD RESIPROC R3, #40/06, Single Size, 25mm, 3pcs/pk (Black)
In all Fanta Dental products, 1 Fanta Dental canal file is sent free of charge for 10 purchases.

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